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Click the button above to anonymously download the Lasi_setup_7.0.93.zip file.

The zip download is about 4 Mbytes. You should download to your Username\Download folder or simply the Windows Desktop and unzip  Use the most convenient place from which to run the installation executable. If possible you should do a zip file security check first before you unzip. Usually this is done automatically by the unzip software to check for viruses. 

See Tips and Comments.

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 Installation Instructions

Run the setup executable and follow its instructions. It will build or replace files in the main Lasi7 folder and its subfolders. Any LASI drawings you already have should not be affected unless specially noted in the installation. When you run the setup it should list the version of Windows where it is installing. This is important information if you have any problems. Try setting the program Compatibility Property. See Tips and Comments.

If you have downloaded any Addon zip files from the Circuits & Resources page use the same procedure. Running the setup executable will install Addon drawings into their intended subfolders.

If you have a drawing that is in the form of a zip file, and is not a self-installing executable, put the zip file in the \Lasi7\Zips subdirectory and run the main installation executable again. It will reinstall the system programs, but will also let you choose which drawings it finds in the Zips subfolder that you want to install. The subfolder will have the same name as the zip file.


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